To be eligible for this award, a junior must earn points/titles from AKC licensed Performance Event classes and/or other events recognized by the AKC  (Barn Hunt, Flyball, Dock Diving, Disc Dog) 

Under review are Parent Breed Club titles

Points for this award may be accumulated from all eligible events and classes. Title Points will be automatically totaled and calculated by using the AKC Companion Events Titles and Performance Events Titles Earned by Junior Handlers List.

Qualify/Pass points are based on the junior competing in an event/class/trial, qualifying and/or passing and completing a Junior Certification Form and submitting that form to for processing.

Defeated Points listed are based on the number of competitors the junior defeats (in events where placements are made). Title and Qualify/Pass points are listed in the

BestJunior Performance Points  Schedule v.2019.12

Performance Events Titles Earned by Junior Handlers List